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Boity Thulo’s Reality TV Show is here!

Boity Thulo

Reality television is definitely the hottest thing on the [planet. After all wouldn’t it be best to get to know your favourite celebrities over a TV show showing you their lifestyle and daily habits? Reality TV is something the majority of fans got an appetite for.

Boity Thulo Own Your Throne

Commanding of 3,5million fans on Instagram alone, it was a matter of time since Boity Thulo got her own TV show. News of Whoa! Where did the time go? It was not a long time ago since we got the news our favourite Rapper/Socialite/Presenter had her own TV Show coming up on BET.

With just 10 days to go to the launch of her show, Boity: Own Your Throne, fans can’t wait to see what really takes place behind the scenes of her life. As she gears up for the world to see what her life is all about, Boity asked her followers what they were looking forward to seeing.

Boity Thulo Own Your Throne

While some hope to see the “real” Boity with no make-up or weaves, others anticipate witnessing her embrace her culture and her journey as a sangoma.

Even though Boity has been vocal about embracing her ancestral calling, it’s unclear if she will show that side of her life.

Just last week she slammed those who demonise her calling as a sangoma. “If you’re going to try to demonise me for believing in my ancestors and the journey they have placed me on, you’re wasting your time.”

Boity Thulo Own Your Throne

She also gave Christian people a warning for trying to shade her beliefs. “Stop trying to send me to get reprimanded by white Jesus, who claims the people who birthed my family are demons.”

In an interview on Metro FM‘s breakfast show in December, Boity said her show won’t be scripted and will feature people who have always been a part of her life.

Boity Thulo

“In terms of what to expect, it’ll be with people they know. You’ll see more interactions with my mom. You’ll see how I tackle the world of music. It’ll be my daily, everyday life which is actually on the go and always busy and filled with so much.”

The TV and radio personality now turned rapper, said that people should expect to see her in a way they have never seen her before. “I am grateful to give my fans a platform where they can indulge a little bit more, because people were saying that they haven’t seen me on TV for so long. I think that maybe, it’s time.”