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Boity Thulo Confirms ‘Calling’ To Become A Traditional Healer

Boity Thulo

When she opened up on her spiritual journey several years ago, television star BoityThulo surprisingly received massive backlash from the public over her beliefs. However, she is unfazed by the criticism. Breaking her silence on the matter in a recent interview, Boity revealed that her controversial statements that she was set to undergo training to become a sangoma were not a publicity stunt as earlier alleged.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the talented actress said that she has for a long time been in touch with her traditional beliefs which her family has closely followed. She also added that her spiritual beliefs are at the core of what has kept her motivated throughout her life and career.

‘I don’t have any regrets about letting people in. I took a huge risk because back then people wouldn’t have revealed much about this aspect of their lives, preferring instead to keep it private.

‘It was part of my spiritual journey to be open about it. I wasn’t doing it for attention or to boost my career. I’m glad that I did it because as the year progressed, people were inspired, young girls who are on a spiritual journey especially … it was to challenge mainstream beliefs about traditional healing and show people there was nothing to fear.’

When Boity first opened up about her spiritual journey, allegations went flying that it was a publicity stunt meant to catapult her career forward. At the time of the controversy, Boity said that as a child she would always divine the future through her dreams and this cemented her spiritual beliefs. She added that as she got older she felt the void inside her more and more.

Speaking to South African publication, SundayWorld, in 2016, on the matter, she refused to divulge much of the details of her spiritual life.

‘Yes I did go thwasa but I’m not going to practise as a sangoma. This is a very sensitive matter that I don’t want to talk about in the media. It’s a personal matter and way too deep to be reduced into a celebrity gossip in the newspaper. It’s a secret. It’s so much deeper.’