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Boity Spills On Her Management Struggles

Boity, Boity Expresses Disgust in Euphonik

Media personality Boity on the latest episode of her reality show Own Your Throne opens up about the struggles she had to face when it comes to her music career.

Boity’s rap career has surprised many, especially those who had doubted that she had any rap skills but she has proved her critics wrong with hit after hit. The only thing that seems to be holding Boity back is her contractual issue.

In February, Sunday World published a report that Boity had taken agency Ade Holdings Property (Ade Agency) to oversee her deals with Huawei and SAB.

Ade Agency has management and artist agreement with Boity.

Boity in the episodes does not mention the name of the people who are gatekeeping her from releasing new music but during a chat with her mother details her frustration over the matter.

The Bakae hitmaker shares how the lawyer she trusted was working with someone behind her back and got her to sign a contract that was not in her favour.

Boity and her mom discuss how said people have abused their power in their situation and the situation is sad.

The episode ends with Boity and her manager Bash headed to an important meeting with a lawyer to try and as they try to sort out Boity’s dilemma.