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Boity On Being Reprimanded By A Man!

Boity, Boity Thulo,

It is no secret that Boity Thulo has worked extremely hard for her enviable lifestyle, hence home-girl knows the finer things in life and is very specific on what she prefers.

The TV presenter turned rapper, recently left her Tweeps in stitches when she revealed where she would prefer to be rebuked at, by a man. Boity was replying to a Tweep and said if a guy reprimands her then it better be in a mansion in the expensive suburb of the city of gold, in Sandhurst.

Talk about levels right? Clearly you have to have a fat wallet to lay a word on the rapper because she knows where such convos need to take place.

Tweeps reacted to her tweet.

You Better Be Ready To Call Everyday If You Want To Date Boity

Multi-talented rapper and TV personality Boity Thulo, has revealed that she expects her partner to check up on on her every day, it is no secret that the power of love cannot be denied, but sometimes some peeps don’t like clingy partners who would call them every time, but Boity seemingly enjoys that.

The TV presenter was responding to Spitch Nzawumbi’s question who asked if peeps really expect their partners to call them everyday. Responding to the question Boity said yes.

Whilst home-girl has not yet revealed the man who stole her heart tweeps reacted to her tweet. and expressed their opinions too.