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Boity Expresses Disgust in Euphonik

Boity, Boity Expresses Disgust in Euphonik

The Euphonik and DJ Fresh vs. Ms Madikizela saga is still going high. Boity is the most recent celebrity to comment on the case. Though Euphonik and Dj Fresh have been attempting to dismiss their accuser, tweeps have become frustrated by the kkking that has been going on.

Euphonik mocked the girl once again on Twitter yesterday, sharing a photo of a detective with a magnifying glass and laughing emojis.

When Boity had had his fill, he said the following.

“You’re behaving like a disgusting jerk. This isn’t a trick!!! You’re guilty of the most heinous crime imaginable, and you’re making it into a farce! Either confess or leave it to the attorneys to treat. However, what you’re doing on Twitter is revolting!”

This isn’t the first time Boity has embarrassed anybody. Following the allegations made by Lesego Tlhabi, also known as Coconut Kelz, designer Quiteria found himself in deep trouble. The comedian and host accuses the designers of fat shaming her as she tried to put on their gowns.

Body shaming is back in the spotlight, and as usual, it’s voluptuous women who are the targets.

Lesego recounts how the designer insulted her in front of his clients during a dress fitting, saying that he referred to her as “fatty boom boom.”

“And today I went to a well-known designer who knew my sizes well in advance because it’s for television.” Doesn’t he then announce loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he doesn’t have something for me, and then use terms like “fatty boom boom” to explain how I’d look in the designs?

“Actually, naaaaaaaaaaaaaa It’s Quiteria and George this time. What happens after that is beyond my control. It was shite shite shite shite shite shite shite I’m going to waste this chance if I don’t take it. I’ll never wear anything from there again. “It was “Q” himself,” she revealed.

Quiteria justified himself by saying that he never called her overweight and that he would not apologize for using those terms. Terry Pheto, rapper Boity Thulo, and Dineo Langa were among the celebrities he fat shamed.

Boity’s reaction to the entire ordeal was predictable. She replied with a GIF, asking why she was mentioned. “Now, why am I in it?” asks the narrator.

Many celebrities have shared their displeasure with the designers, including model Thickleeyonce, who has been the subject of body shaming on several occasions.

“This Quiteria condition is so aggravating. In our local fashion industry, fatphobia always reigns supreme. I hope Lesego is safe, and I’m glad she shared her story because it could have happened to anyone.” she said.

Thickleeyonce recently had to defend herself against trolls who attacked her because she wanted to eat junk food. Thicklee started it all when he tweeted about how he was waiting for the pizza place to open. Then a woman approached her from the side, saying, “Baby girl, how about the gym?” Come on, let’s be honest. It’s far too early for junk. We’re all dense as well, so we can at the very least strive to encourage healthier lifestyles. “I’m not trying to lose weight; I’m trying to get healthy!”

She replied by saying that tweeps should be worried with their own health, not hers.

“When I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast, no one seems concerned about their health; but, when I tweet about craving chocolate at 8 a.m., everybody becomes a doctor concerned about my health.” Please Gtfoh.

“You don’t care about fat people’s health; all you care about is policing our bodies and masking your fatphobia as “health concern.” Simply put, halt “she said