Bobrisky Confirms Upcoming Surgery in December

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Nigerian transgender figure, Bobrisky, known for stirring controversy, has recently declared a bold commitment to further enhancing his appearance. Making the announcement on Instagram, Bobrisky revealed plans for an upcoming surgery in December with the determination to become what he deems the most beautiful woman in Nigeria.

Expressing readiness to undergo another cosmetic procedure, Bobrisky boldly stated, “I am prepared to take the risk in order to achieve the pinnacle of beauty in Nigeria. Those who doubt me know I am the genuine article. The more attractive you are, the more you attract affluent individuals into your circle. Disregard what you see on social media. When you see me in person, you’ll be astonished. I have striking physical beauty and an incredible figure.”

This decision marks another significant step in Bobrisky’s ongoing journey of self-transformation, wherein he continually challenges norms and societal boundaries in the pursuit of what he believes will bring both beauty and success.

This announcement arrives shortly after another prominent transgender figure, Jay Boogie, shared distress following a failed plastic surgery, underscoring the risks and complexities of such procedures in their quest for physical transformation.

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