Blake Lively deserves credit for the alluring photos of husband Ryan Reynolds.

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Identifying a superior spouse to Blake Lively is a challenging task. Recently, her husband, Ryan Reynolds, shared a sequence of photos on Instagram alongside his fitness coach, Don Saladino, expressing gratitude for Saladino’s assistance in preparing for his return to the “Deadpool” movie franchise.

In the caption, Reynolds acknowledged the toll on his body from years of strenuous stunts, stating, “I had to aim the light at” Saladino “As I get ready to shove myself into Deadpool’s Big Red Body Condom™️ again.” Reynolds emphasized Saladino’s consistent support in restoring both his mental and physical functionality, recognizing the privilege of working with someone of Saladino’s caliber.

In a playful gesture, Reynolds tagged Lively as his “Instagram boyfriend.” Responding with humor, Lively playfully enlarged the images, revealing herself in the mirror capturing the photos and shared these moments on her Instagram stories.

On one photo, she quipped, “Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me,” and on another, she added, “I’ll wait.” The term “Instagram boyfriend” colloquially refers to someone who takes photos of their partners or friends for social media posts.

Lively and Reynolds, married since 2012 and parents of four, are renowned for their lighthearted and playful social media presence.

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