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Black Twitter Reacts To Duduzane Zuma Presidential Campaign


Black Twitter Reacts To Duduzane Zuma Presidential Campaign. The streets of twitter have been a buzz ever since Duduzane’s plan to become the next president of South Africa came to light. The controversial businessman is determined to takeover the leadership of the ANC, saying he is bringing “something different” to the table. 

Duduzane plans on continuing his father Jacob Zuma’s legacy who served two terms as the president of the country. Duduzane has begun his campaigning by gathering support from ANC branches in KwaZulu-Natal to contest party leadership at the next national conference. Speaking about his goals in the near future, Zuma shared that he putting his name in the hat to run for ANC presidency in December 2022 and in national general elections in 2024.

Zuma is said to not be in any kind of rivalry with any other political party because he is walking a different path of his own

“When it comes to competition, I’m not looking at anybody else. I’m not here to compete. I am here to do something different. If you’re saying I’m competing against someone it means we walk on the same path. I’m walking a completely different path. We’re going to do things differently and there’s no-one in that lane. That’s a lane I’m creating because I believe that’s the only way we’re going to overturn and overhaul the situation through the ANC.” he said.