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Black Twitter Drag Tshepi Vundla For Bashing Broke Women In Relationships


Black Twitter Drags Tshepi Vundla For Bashing Broke Women In Relationships. Relationships are not equal in that men are expected to provide for their women and it has been that way since the dark ages. In the modern day era, women have fought for equality and even though they won the fight, it seems like equality doesn’t apply to some situations like when it’s time to handle the bill.

This follows a clip of Tshepi from the On The Table podcast that has resurfaced on social media. Th clip has no caused an outrage following Vundla’s comment about women who don’t bring anything to the table when it comes to relationships. The mother of one criticised women in relationships who constantly stay SBWLing things like vacations and iPhones but don’t have the money to buy those things for themselves.

Tshepi questioned the entitlement of some women by questioning where their parents are so they can take care of these ridiculous wants or buy for themselves, rather than demanding things from a man. The confusion came after a comment made by the host about SBWLing KFC. The ladies joked about not being able to afford a meal that cost less than fifty Rands but having the audacity of demanding out of this world things from their partner.

Social media users have since had mixed reactions about the comments made in clip, claiming that Tshepi and the squad are misogynists that think they are spitting facts but in actual fact are hating on other women. Others supported Tshepi’s views claiming