Black Coffee On Why He Won’t Be Playing Zakes Bantwini’s Predicted Song Of The Summer ‘Osama’

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Black Coffee On Why He Won’t Be Playing Zakes Bantwini‘s Predicted Song Of The Summer ‘Osama’. This year may have been a bummer but there are a few things that we are grateful for. One of those things are the constant music bangers that our local artists have been serving us. Amapiano is the genre that seems to have dominated in the 2021 but Zakes Bantwini may have just added a new plot twist.

Award winning musician and composer Zakes Bantwini recently debuted his latest single titled Osama and the people can all agree that the song is a banger. Clips of Bantwini’s live DJ session where he played the song have been going viral on social media and the masses are anticipating the release of the track. The single is said to be dropping September 17th and the music lovers are ready.

“17 September 2021 #osama WORLDWIDE release, Thank you all for the support, let’s rock” Zakes wrote.

Even though the single has been receiving great reviews, there is one person in particular who seems to have not taken to the song. Black Coffee shared his thoughts on the song and even though he thinks it’s good, he doesn’t see himself adding it to any of his playlists or DJ sets. The Drive hitmaker shared that he prefers the original song of which Zakes sampled.

“It is nice but I won’t I still prefer the original” he wrote.

Social media users were flabbergasted to learn that the Osama single is not original after Black Coffee posted an audio clip of the original song. A few social media users were offended that the song was not a one of a kind however, others accused Coffee of being jealous and congratulated Zakes on making an amazing song.

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