Birds Of A Feather: Mercy Mukwiza and Sarah Chibwe

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Whoever said birds of a feather flock together and great minds think alike must definitely have been talking about these bombshells. We are talking about the Gorgeous Mercy Mukwiza and the Beautiful Sarah Chibwe.Sarah Chibwe

Both former models and now businesswomen, if they are not busy slaying…well they are probably unconsciously slaying again. It would be insane to not appreciate their slick fashion sense. It is also amazing how these ladies manage to maintain their mouth-watering, sizzling hot bodies.Mercy Mukwiza

It is quite easy to understand how these two are friends as they both carry themselves as goddesses with bodies like stallions.

Mercy Mukwiza was Miss Supranational Zambia 2019 and Miss international Zambia 2014. Nowadays amongst business ventures, she is also a brand influencer. Whereas Sarah Chibwe also a former model and apart from business ventures now is a fitness trainer, she is Zambia’s very own most influential fitness barbie.

We just love these two, check out what they have been up to this quarantine. Watch Sarah and Mercy have a good time:

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