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BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Day 12: Are fans really toxic?

BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion,

Episode 12 of the Pepper Dem Reunion Show certainly did not record a sizable amount of sparks but its themes were overdue.

On the hot spots were Tacha, Omashola who took turns to speak on some of their viral moments in the house. Former housemates, Diane, Thelma, Frodd, Ike, Kim Oprah weighed in on fan love and toxicity. Catch the highlights:

Housemates wounded by trolls

Thelma and Kim Oprah shared their experiences with social media users taking swipes at them. Ike, on the other hand, gave an insightful speech on vibing solely with positive energy.

Viral moments recap

Top of the list of viral moments recap was Mike’s version of Teni’s ‘Your Case’ and Tacha’s social media platinum winning hit track ‘Chihuahua’ performed with Omashola.

For Tacha, the Chihuahua-Ibuzo moment which lasted nearly an hour was exhausting to follow through but she remained unwilling to put a cap to it even when she realized that they had created a hit.

Are fans really that toxic?

On the spotlight for toxic fan bases were Tacha’s Titans and Mercy’s Mercenaries. Former housemates, Elozam, Ike, Frodd took turns weighing into the matter.

Elozam gave his unbiased analysis of the infamous fan bases. For him, the Titans frequently crossed boundaries and housemates needn’t do much to get dragged to hell and back. The Mercenaries on the other hand are easily skewed to peace and conflict resolution.

The Titan queen was on standby to defend her fans. Tacha denied all claims that her fans attack other housemates online, insisting only impostors bought shares in the trolling business.

Frodd had a contrary view when he shared his personal experience with the infamous Titans who he revealed attacked him for an unintentional but foolhardy tweet. He added that he tried to reach out to Tacha afterwards but the reception was too cold for comfort.