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BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Day 11: Burning ships that put friendships to test

BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion, #BBNaijaReunion

For viewers, it was an opportunity to see if a possible burial of the hatchet could play out between former housemates Seyi and Tacha but things took a more dramatic turn. Catch the highlights.

The ‘Seyi/Tacha’ ship has long set sail

In hopes that there could be a resolution between Seyi and Tacha, show host, Ebuka played clips from one of their calms before the storm. Seyi stated that his problem with Tacha was quite deep-seated.

For him, Tacha’s tendency to have things go her way and not show respect for their friendship caused their major rift. Tacha seemed to have another angle as she recalled the one time Seyi slum-shamed her during one of their notorious moments. For her, that was crossing the line. Their showdown ended with neither of the parties giving room for mending fences.

Isiloma and Avala

The former best friends had the spotlight to talk about what forced their ship to set sail and the exchange was confusing at best. On Avala’s side of the ship, Isiloma was not as loyal as she first set out to be. Isiloma on the other hand felt she had apologized for the issue that remains ‘none of anybody’s business’ and how Avala may be content hunting with the issue.

Avala also hinted in the course of their argument that the popular fight between Isiloma and Ella had something to do with the former taking her side. However, the pressing issue involved alcohol and men. The duo ended their exchange without any form of resolution.