Bad English, iconic flex and Mama Nomi’s pain keep fans glued to #PapaPennyAhee

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The level of excitement on the TL on Thursday night indicated that the king of Tsonga disco music was back on the small screen.

Even before it began, Papa Penny Ahee landed on the Twitter trends list as people shared how much they missed the “larger than life” star.

A few minutes into the show, fans realised how much they missed Papa Penny and his “bad” English, and how they still haven’t given an award to the person who writes the subtitles for the show. Season four’s first episode was thoroughly entertaining, which made up for  all the time Papa Penny and his family were not on TV.

Papa Penny and his often unorthodox advice was exactly what viewers had signed up. They were also happy to discover that the Tsonga musician was still as dramatic and “extra” as can be.

Fans knew for sure this season would be action-packed when Papa Penny began flexing.

Everybody knows no one can flex as hard as Penny Penny.

His “tailored” English was also a highlight for many viewers.

However, it was mostly Mama Nomi who stole the spotlight. Papa Penny’s wife let fans into her sorrow when she revealed she lost her first born son to suicide. Nicholas apparently committed suicide by jumping in front of a train, and tweeps were heartbroken to learn this.

Everyone saw the pain in Mama Nomi’s eyes when she spoke about her son, and they were moved by her heartbreak. They shared sad memes to sympathise with her.


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