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Are things OK between Prince Kaybee and Busiswa?

Prince Kaybee retiring

Local music producer Prince Kaybee and Busiswa’s work relationship could be on the rocks.

Taking to his Twitter page on Monday night, the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker shared a video of himself producing a song when Twitter @SciTheComedist said Busiswa should hop on the track.

However, Prince Kaybee replied “nah”, which is strange since the duo previously worked on the 2018 Song of The Year “Banomoya” together.”

When asked about the status of their relationship the “Gugulethu” star said: ”I’m unsure , I saw her tweets the opposite day though.”

He was pertaining to a post made she remodeled the weekend that read: “Why does princess enforce being an a******, damn.”

This was presumably a regard to Prince Kaybee’s post about NaakMusiq which led to the 2 men stepping into a twar again.

The “Hosh” producer recently announced the Prince Kaybee Producer Challenge on Sunday, giving an up-and-coming producer an opportunity to win his laptop along side all the manufacturing software thereon .

He said: “Bafe2 alot of you were complaining that there’s no opportunities for producers.

“Well I’m making a gift of my laptop that produced all my albums up so far , each and each song! This laptop has everything that I even have used. Here is what you would like to try to to . #ProducerChallenge.”

He continued: “Upload a video of the song you produced under this thread with the hashtag #PrinceKaybeeProducerChallenge. The team and that i will choose the winner.”

“The laptop also will show you ways all the songs are produced and what was used.”