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Are Rihanna and Young Thug making on new music together?

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We’ve now received the primary hint that Rihanna could also be performing on new music. it’s been an arduous wait, with much patience required, to be a Rihanna fan. Once the most important superstar within the world, the Bajan babe seems to possess put her music aspirations on hold and placed her No. 1 hits on the sidelines as she focuses on other projects faraway from the industry. But eye witness reports from this weekend have now led to the assumption that, just maybe, RiRi may have gotten her groove back.

The “What’s My Name” singer was seen in LA on the set of what looked to be a secret project. Wearing a white satin button-down shirt and a glittery string of diamonds round her neck, RiRi was spotted with Young Thug, whom she previously worked with on the track, “Yo Gotti”. the looks of the pair together, also as Rihanna finding out some screens, has left the impression that the weekend was spent shooting a music video for a song which will hopefully be released soon! The last time the Rihanna Navy received new music from their Queen was around 2017, though she has been promising her ninth album since December 2018.

“I’m always performing on new music. simply because I haven’t released an album during a few years doesn’t mean I haven’t been performing on it,” she recently told New! Magazine. “I’m not just getting to put music out because people are craving it. I’m getting to make it well worth the |definitely worth the”> well worth the wait — and it’ll be worth the wait.”

Aside from perfecting R9, Rihanna has been performing on expanding her Fenty empire, which recently launched a replacement division called Fenty Skin.