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Anthony Bwalya’s Appointment Shows HH Is His Own Man


By Chibesa Kalandwe BA (UNZA), MSc (Arizona)

The Copperbelt University has got every reason to be delighted these days.

After lamentably failing to produce any Head of State in Zambia’s last seven transitions, the institution is now a heartbeat away from the President.

The School of Business has produced a formidable mouth piece for the President.

And Zambian Journalists are now up in arms protesting on why this important representation of the media space at State House has been handed to a man who spent time in school crunching numbers and not summarizing paragraphs.

Anthony Bwalya’s time around President Hichilema, it appears will be spent fighting off those who thought were with HH much longer in his struggles. Especially journalists who think they are more deserving because they spent the last entire 22 years in the trenches with the new President.

All hell has broken loose. He is now facing resistance.

But I like President Hichilema for that. He has shunted political expediency and instead chosen to go for quality over quantity. HH has also demonstrated that over the years, he has incredibly matured as a politician.

The HH of yesteryear would not have appointed an Anthony Bwalya with all the entitlement people around him feel they have over what he does. But he is a different person, and it took all those years of failing to win elections to teach him the importance of a diverse team – he got it right this time.

Anthony Bwalya, despite not being a journalist has demonstrated serious understanding of the world around him, and most importantly to communicate