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Another Noxolo Mthembu Miss SA Hopeful Bites The Dust

Noxolo Mthembu, Miss SA 2020

Miss South Africa 2020 is turning into a reality television show taking place on Twitter, and the road to this year’s pageant is proving more interesting. The Miss SA contestants are dropping like flies and most of them from what is labelled as self-sabotage.

The latest name to add to the list of Miss South Africa hopefuls that will probably never get the chance to wear the crown is Noxolo Mthembu. She posted a video of staff members at a popular fast-food chain casually enjoying their lunch break together. Her problem, that the staff members were not social distancing. Going on to say that they are not allowed to sit together.

But Noxolo was misinformed about the rules as sit-ins were allowed.  Secondly, as tweeps pointed out that the staff members have been working in close proximity, so cross-contamination would have happened long before their lunch break.

Lastly, which tweeps continue to drag her for besides posting the video, was that she recorded and posted the video without the permission of the staff members, since they were not in the wrong.

Worst of all, this is a person that alleged she “is the transformation,” having been a victim of cyberbullying in the past.