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Anita Nderu expresses solidarity with LGBTQ people opposing Magoha’s policy on gay pupils.


Anita Nderu, a media celebrity, is open about her support for the LGBTQ community.

She took to social media today to express sympathy with the community after some members came to the streets of Nairobi to protest Education CS George Magoha’s instruction to keep LGBT pupils out of boarding institutions.

Anita expressed disappointment on social media that she will be unable to attend the peaceful march on Thursday morning.

She also stated that she will do whatever she can to demonstrate her support for them.

Check out her blog article;

“Today, I’m standing in solidarity with my beloved LGBTQ+ community. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to this morning’s march, but I’ll continue to support the movement as an ally in any way I can.

A petition addressed to the CS has been delivered to the Ministry of Education regarding the refusal of kids to attend boarding school due to their gender identity.

Everyone has the right to an education! Discrimination lies at the root of the Ministry of Education’s latest decision.

We need greater community awareness and education rather than passing laws as a result of ignorance, misinformation, entitlement, or silence from the downtrodden.

Students torching schools should be examined rather than finding a scapegoat to avoid dealing with the problem.


As a country, we excel in many areas, but we fail to embrace basic human rights.

Thank you to @marylize biubwa, @makenanjeri, and @boldnetworkafrica, as well as everyone that marched today and helped the community in any way they could.

While we wait for an answer from the Secretary of Education, let us continue to speak up about what is going on and fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.”