American Twerker Wins Ginimbi’s Twerking Competition

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Ginimbi, Ginimbi Twerking Competition

Controversial businessman and playboy Genious Kadungure on Saturday hosted his twerking competition on Instagram GTV, which are his Ginimbi’s two Instagram accounts, @ginimbi, and @therealginimbi.

For the twerking competition, Ginimbi offered the winner of the twerking competition a whole R 5000 in cash.

American dancer, known by her social media name Juujitsu, walked away as the winner after reportedly putting on quite the show for Ginimbi and his followers.

Juujitsu put on quite the performance so much so that, her prize money even topped up to US$ 1 000.

To confirm that Juujitsu received her prize money Ginimbi posted a screenshot of the transfer to his first winner on GTV twerk or treat.


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