Alikiba responds after his alleged side chick leaked their private chats

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Kings Music CEO Ali Saleh Kiba Popularly known as Alikiba has hit back at his alleged side chick who exposed their over 10 years low-key relationship.

On Wednesday, Clouds FM presenter Diva the Bawse admitted to have been in a low key relationship with Alikiba for over a decade, but decided to end it early this year, a decision that did not go well with King Kiba.

“Me and Ally came along way since his return in the music world and yes both as friends and Low-key lovers kwa muda mrefu sana. I have evidence to prove ndio maana Killy alikuwa ananiita mama na wengime wote. Since naona sasa story za aajabu zinazidi maybe should be open so we end this drama ambayo mnatengeneza. Everyone huko Tabataa knows, but with respect sijawahi hata onyesha anything. So this is more like drama za Mahusiono and someone is truly hurt. Sababu tu a woman made a decision to move on, si sawa at all everyone has the right to move on and I’m sorry I hurt your feelings but it is what it is … niliamua kuji distance kwa zababu zangu and take a break ndo maana huwa sifuti messages and evidence sababu ya vitu kama hizi. By the way I ended up kila kitu 16/2/2020 and I told Ali and he has evidence as well,” reads part of Diva’s post.


In a quick rejoinder, King Kiba responded the stating that Diva was clout chasing and if anything he also had evidence to counter the allegations.

“Kigakula Anaforce Kutrend Hata mimi Nina ushahidi AmeExpire” reads Alikiba’s response.

Exit of Kings Music signees

According to Diva who hosts a late night show at Clouds FM, she decided to expose their affair, after she was accused of orchestrating the exit two of Kings Music Signee’s Killy and Cheed.

In the leaked chats, the Dodo hit-make is pouring out his heart to Diva on how he misses her.

Another leaked chat purportedly from Kiba, express displeasure in the manner which Diva was bothering him.

Amina’s reaction

On the other hand, Alikiba’s wife Amina Khalef reacted to the ongoing drama, sarcastically by putting up a video of Ghana’s dancing pallbearers who are famous for dancing with Coffins at Funerals with an ‘R.I.P’ caption.

However, on Thursday Kiba put up a photo posing with his wife wishing her a Happy Birthday with a caption that reads “Happy birthday to you mama @keyaanalikiba ❤️ wife wa dunia#Dodo #KingKiba


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