Alice Rowland Musukwa & Ivanca Bianca Feud Gets Heated Up

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Alice Rowlands Musukwa, Ivanka Bianca

Zambian supermodel Alice Rowland Musukwa reported local socialite Ivanka Bianca to the police for allegedly insulting her on social media on the 17th of January 2020.

In a post, she posted on social media. Alice asked her followers to tag Ivanka whom she says has failed to go and pick up the call out from the time it was issued. She says she opted to drag Ivanka to police because she allegedly insulted her child who was innocent of the cyber fights the duo have had. The post was as follows:

Ivanka was quick to respond and had a lot to say she even made some unkind comments regarding Alice and her fans

criticizing Ivanka. Some of her comments:

“Nobody is apologizing for nothing they didn’t do so let’s play it your way hope you ready though 😉”

“All people commenting trash here get your shit together and f#ck outta my page and ask your lawyer or educators to give you full information about defamation then come here and point fingers 💩💩💩”

Following today Alice Rowland Musukwa posted the renewed summons in the post below and of course, Ivanka Bianca Responded.

Ms Ivanka had this to share on her social media today reassuring her fans she is unphased, petty issues do not scare her.

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