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Alice Rowlands Musukwa has showcased her intelligence and beauty around the world, flying the Zambian flag high, and representing our country as a leading role model and international ambassador. She has traveled to 32 countries and modeled in some of the biggest fashion shows around the world. Her model physique and intellect, has won her applauds and international modeling contracts.we recently caught up with Alice Rowlands Musukwa and discussed her background as well as the divided opinion on modeling in Zambia as a career

alice rowland musukwa

What made you bring back the Miss Universe franchise to Zambia?

Miss Universe Zambia 2010 changed my life completely and it’s from that I would love to see another beautiful young Lady’s life change for better. I feel we should support each and every girl for being brave and confident to take up this Journey.

When did you become an International model?

My foundation as An international Model started from here 8 years ago, I have represented Zambia in 32 countries and Modeled for the biggest Shows Worldwide, I can only be grateful to people that have supported me as Alice and those that Support this Industry.

Change does not start from just talking but being a part of the change we want to see, I promise to Stand for Change people want to see in the Fashion industry in Zambia, Zambia has so much potential to produce a Naomi the Second, Miss World and Miss universe.

What’s your view on the divided opinion in Zambia on modeling, and the Miss Universe Pageant?

alice rowland musukwa

Pageants or Modeling, in general, should never be seen as High Profile prostitution, it’s a Career Choice just like any other, the only difference is that not everyone can do it and I worked hard to get the franchise back in Zambia because I saw the potential in many Zambian young ladies.

By all standards, I am a very successful model that Zambia has produced in a long time, however, I suffer from the common sickness most successful models suffer from and that’s fighting hate and negative comments, I stay humble and grateful because I Am me, because of Many of you, and I salute those that have encouraged these young ladies and supported Miss Universe Zambia.

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