Alchemist Bar on the spot again as another harassment video goes viral

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The videotape was first participated on Twitter by a stoner linked Mwikali and the merrymaker in question could been seen being dragged on the bottom at the entrance of the entertainment joint as she fights back.

The cause of the altercation leading to the reverse and forth in the videotape remains unclear. still, a section of Kenyans On Twitter( KOT) have expressed displeasure in the manner which the whole situation was handled.

The Alchemist operation are yet to address the viral videotape that has over 10K tweets so far.

The lady who recorded the whole fire alleges that the bouncers also wearied her demanding that she deletes the videotape from her phone.

The incident come weeks after the Alchemist Bar was again on the spot for ethnical demarcation – allegations that urged the check of the entertainment joint for some time.

On June 3rd, Emmanuel Murgor, the man behind the first viral Alchemist Bar videotape made a volte-face, renouncing his earlier sentiments criminating the entertainment joint of ethnical demarcation.

“ We met with Emmanuel and his advocate to bandy the incident on May 20th. He has conceded that the clip participated was misleading to the public and wasn’t representative of what happed that evening and what we stand for, ” The Alchemist Bar said.

In his own words, Emmanuel Murgor also changed tune on his viral videotape that had caused an uproar among Kenyans leading to check of the establishment and government involvement.

” The clip I participated made an print that there was ethnical bias rehearsed at The Alchemist. That was noway the case.

” After reviewing the full footage of the evening and indeed from the experience inside I can attest The Alchemist embraces diversity. I also reiterate that from how the club’s operation has handled the incident, they’re open to diversity and have in fact zero forbearance towards racism. I deeply apologize for any narrative the short clip may have caused. That was noway my intention, ” read Emmanuel Murgor’s statement in part.

Murgor went on to apologize to The Alchemist and their business mates.

The Alchemist’s agonies started after Murgor’s videotape clip went viral showing alleged demarcation against black people by having white and Indian partyers in one line and blacks in another while staying in line to enter.


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