Akafumba warns Kambwili not to interfere in NDC activities

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NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

Akafumba warns Kambwili not to interfere in NDC activities

IT’S extremely unfortunate that Chishimba
Kambwili has continued to interfere in the activities of the National Democratic Congress laments Josephs Akafumba.

In a statement, Akafumba said Kambwili risked being in contempt of court because he had
disregarded a court order restraining him from acting in capacity and
on behalf of the NDC.

Kambwili is believed to have called former NDC administrative secretary Edward Simfukwe instructing him to surrender all documentation of the party to him.

Simfukwe is among the many NDC members who rejoined the Akafumba faction stating that Saboi Imboela was not the legitimate
leader of the party.

Following Kambwili’s schemes Akafumba said it is unfortunate that the ‘PF cadre’ despite openly joining the former ruling party is still
masquerading as an NDC member.

“In fact we know that he is the godfather of the Saboi led group, it did not come as a sense of shock because we knew from the word go that
Kambwili has been the one sponsoring the Saboi group. It was only yesterday that some of the members of the Saboi led group decided to rejoin the good people of the NDC which is in an Alliance with the UPND. First of all we need to congratulate ourselves for the job well
done as we shamed Kambwili who claimed to be a political genius but this time he got it wrong by deciding to side with the bad people and the loss was well sounding for everybody to see,” Akafumba said.

“Among the people who rejoined the NDC is administrative Secretary Mr Edward Simfukwe but this morning Kambwili called Simfukwe and told him to surrender all the NDC documents to him because he wants to
reorganize the party. So which party is Kambwili re-oganising? Does Kambwili belong to the two parties, the NDC and PF? He has now removed the wood and has removed the mask he was wearing and has confirmed
this morning that really he is still a member of the NDC.”

Akafumba further lamented that Kambwili went ahead to threaten Simfukwe to hand over the party’s documentation as he confirmed what
was all along suspected that he put Saboi as a front and now that this was the time for him to re-organise the party.

Akafumba however warned Kambwili not to phone Simfukwe stating that
the documentation for the party were in fact with him.

“If he wants let him phone me but I want to tell him that this is contempt and we are going to bring it before the courts of law on 30th
August that this unrepentant contemnor has continued to disregard the courts of law,” Akafumba said.

He advised Kambwili to attend to his current social matters that are circulating on social media.

“He has so many problems to attend to, if he is not satisfied with PF where he is now as he is now and is the causer of their loss, let him just go and retire. We are not going to accept this continued interference by Kambwili who is a PF member. Even the PF they must know the type of person they are entertaining. I will not give him those documents because he is not and has never been part and parcel of the NDC; he was just acting in an interim capacity as president.

I am the registered vice president of the party and I am entitled at law to keep those documents. Can you please leave Simfukwe alone.

You misled the young people’s lives, you have destroyed people’s lives and others have died because of following you blindly but you still want to follow them even up to now; a Kambwili we are not going to accept
that. We have given you respect and enough is enough,” Akafumba said.

When contacted however, Kambwili initially said he had no comment but later
accused Simfukwe of having lied.

“I have no comment. Just ask him properly. I don’t know about it. Mr Simfukwe yesterday went to Mr Akafumba and obviously he has joined the
bandwagon of telling lies,” said Kambwili.

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