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AKA under attack for seeing through #blacktuesday #blm

AKA #BlackTuesday #BLM

Super Mega is never void of drama and controversy. This week AKA decided to voice out his thoughts on the whole #BlackTuesday and #BLM Black Lives Matter movements as he asked questions no one else seems to be asking.

Well as you know since the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Police Officer has enraged many to protest against racism and police brutality against blacks. Though “CNN Reported as Peaceful” protests they are actually violent as businesses (including Black Owned) are being looted and burnt in the name of justice for George.

George Floyd’s brother even spoke against the riots, lootings, and arson that it would taint the memory of his brother, as the businesses and communities being burnt affect the very black people who the protest is supposed to be for.

Mzansi caught on to the #BlackTuesday movement as they posted blacked out posts, some like Zozibini even went further to challenge the silent celebs to pick a side or they are part of the problem. Because of the emotional blackmail that you are a racist or are not black enough if you dont join the movement most cowardly succumbed to this with no real understanding of what this is really about, well not AKA.

Many however are slowly becoming conscious that they are being played somehow as violent well-funded groups like ANTIFA with different political agendas aligned to George Soros, Joe Biden amongst others are inciting this to cause unrest and remove the American President. When AKA echoed these sentiments, of course, all hell broke loose:


Drowning out actual information, images and videos with silence. Wake up. Use your own 🧠 … The whole point is to amplify voices at this time. Now the BLM hashtag, which featured links, real-time videos of protests & brutality & ways to truly contribute, is now full of black screens. Sounds like 🧢 to me … how’s about after this we use our money to support black businesses, artists and ventures … ??? Let’s see that energy trend. Check the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. It literally looks like censorship. Whoever designed this knew EXACTLY what they were doing. #StayWOKE ‼️ …. #blackouttuesday
He went on to say in another post:
Who would have come up with a massive campaign intrinsically infringing on a movements social media platform that shrouds serious information media as well as vital resource sharing with nothing but black images? 🤔 #blacktuesday … Wake up. 🧠 … The Matrix is in full effect.
He was Immediately attacked:

You are always controversial for no reason, respect your fellow Africans , if you don’t know why then ask your colleague privately. #Respect.

Aka always have something to say just shut up

sympathizes with about racism in america but he is xenophobic… the irony 🤦🏾‍♂️

Very few understood what he meant like the one below:

George Soros funded the whole thing for the candidate who said if you don’t vote for me “you ain’t Black” then a huge event happens where black people worldwide have to prove their blackness to each other then are silenced on Election Day….

In another post AKA posted:
In theatrical magic, misdirection is a form of deception in which the performer draws audience attention to one thing to distract it from another. Managing audience attention is the aim of all theater, and the foremost requirement of all magic tricks. Hmmmm … The Plot Thickens. 🤔 #BlackTuesday.