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AKA Trolls Rapper Drake’s Wrestling Accomplishments

AKA Drake

AKA definitely knows how to excite us from an otherwise mundane and monotonous week, right?

This morning, AKA ‘s response to a wrestling tweet got socials asking, ‘Where are the receipts, bro?” when he was compared to US Rapper Drake.

When a fan of the SupaMega tagged him in a post with Drake carrying two wrestling belts, the fan insinuated that AKA would be mad to see the post and of course, AKA had to respond.

AKA let the fan know that he indeed wasn’t made because he made it into the wrestling ring and Drake hadn’t.

Did someone say ‘Yo, mama’?

The Twitter streets were pretty much abuzz after that statement, pointing out  what AKA hasn’t done in comparison to Drake :

There really is no comparison between the two stars but… with the hip hop game, there is bound to be an argument about nothing. Right, Cassper?