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AKA Reebook Deal Fell, What’s Up With Nadia Nakai Reebok Deal

AKA Nadia Nakai Reebok Deals

Ok seriously, for the past days we have heard so much noise regarding the failed AKA Reebok Deal under the hashtag #ReebokMustFall.

If recall correctly Nadia Nakai and SuperMega made the same deal with Reebok But surprisingly Nadia Nakai Has been somewhat silent about the matter. Could she have made a different deal?

Or could it be taking lows openly isn’t good for her stable and brand? Tweeps can’t help but wonder, come to think of it her silence may also mean she can have the leverage to negotiate a better deal since AKA already messed up by going public with his grievances.

 The More Drugs hitmaker last year was announced as Reebok’s female ambassador and has so far been having a healthy and strong relationship with the sports brand.

Nadia’s fans were concerned about the star’s contract with the rapper, with many wanting to know if she getting her coins worth, well Nadia is keeping her lips locked.

“So y’all really want me to talk about my deal on twitter? So that what must happen? And during Lockdown… The gal is focused #NextCaller,” tweeted Nadia.

The award-winning rapper also wasn’t about people burning their Reebok merch as well, telling Tweeps that AKA didn’t tell them to burn their own clothes and she doubts that’s what he would want.

When it comes to her contract Nadia, wants people to mind their business.

Her responses, do not gather enough confidence she got a good deal, but who knows we might as well keep guessing for now.

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