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AKA promises his ‘broke’ fans some free #AKATV content in due time

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Whether AKA was motivated by his inner generosity or by pure strategy, the Megacy was ecstatic to find out their idol has been thinking about giving some “freebies” to fans that are unable to subscribe to AKATV.

The rapper took to Twitter to announce that once the new upgrade for his app comes through, those who couldn’t afford to subscribe, or weren’t willing to subscribe, would get a taste of what they’ve been missing.

“Ultimately when we launch our new upgrade of the app coming soon, this content will be free for those who want to watch AKA TV but might not be able (or willing) to pay for the full subscription,” he said.

AKA launched AKA TV in May and has been promoting the exclusive content it houses on his socials since then.

The channel has some never-before-seen content that has had the Megacy glued to their mobile screens.

Though he didn’t pin down a date for when his generous gesture would start applying, his fans were happy to hear about his plans.

Mega Bites is one of the latest content additions on Mega TV’s ever-growing portfolio.

Good on Mega to think about the other kid, shem … They’ve just been on the TL hoping for someone to take screen grabs and In Shot videos of the content there by #AKATV.

At least this way, they can finally get some bits to hold on to until they can afford the R50 per month subscription