AKA On Raising Daughter Kairo After Break Up with DJ Zinhle

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Kairo Forbes, AKA

AKA seems to be stepping up his father roll. Separation has a tendency of opening your eyes to what is important. Though the rapper AKA still has a lot of plans for the Megacy, that is not his biggest priority. The number one spot belongs to Kairo his daughter.

The rapper has been all over media headlines for the past month after his second breakup with his baby mama, DJ Zinhle, which was then confirmed last week. The reasons for their breakup is still quite a myth and some fans are hoping they get back together. However, Supa Mega has chosen to focus on living his life and a huge part of that is his baby girl, Kairo.

AKA and Kairo

“I spend more time with my family. I suppose my daughter is going to start her career … I think she’s gonna be a musician eventually,” AKA told Scoop during his “day in the life of Mega” interview on SlikourOnLife.

He spoke about his success and how his other business ventures have allowed him more peace and time to zone in on helping Kairo reach her full potential. AKA also touched on the fears he has for her as a girl growing up in SA.

“But the thing for me is I am scared you know … at the end of the day this is SA and she’s a woman … she’s gonna be a woman one day.”

AKA and Kairo

Recently AKA shared a precious moment on social media as he took Kairo to school. In a series of videos shared on Kairo’s Instagram Stories, AKA could be seen walking his daughter into her classroom. He is seeming like a real stand up dad, too bad he couldn’t be the stand-up husband too.

After making sure Kairo packed her bags into her locker, the rapper would ask his daughter to show him around.

Watch the rest of the interview below:

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