AKA Insults Cassper Nyovest’s Family, Challenges Him To Boxing Match

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AKA Casspper

The beef between feuding South African rap stars Cassper Nyovest and AKA has escalated so badly that AKA has challenged his rival to a boxing match. AKA then poured more fuel on the already blazing inferno by taunting Cassper and gratuitously insulting his family using choice words on social media.

AKA, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, took to social media early on Thursday to announce that the two stars are currently negotiating for an exclusive boxing contract with EFC. The boxing match has been scheduled for September. However, AKA has accused Cassper Nyovest of chickening out and refusing to sign the contract. AKA went on to use the hashtag #signthecontract to taunt his rival. The two musicians stand to make between R5 million and R8 million rand each for the fight if it comes to fruition.

Writing on social media, initially posted a video of himself training on throwing punches while in the gym which he captioned.

Hypothetically. Who you gon put your Money bag on?

AKA then added more details about the proposed match saying,

The truth is … the reason the guy has stepped up his social@media assault on me is because we are negotiating a contract with EFC for us to have a boxing match in Sep. there. You heard it first from me.

…The problem is … the guy won’t sign the contract…lease tag him @CassperNyouest and tell to shut his mouth and sign the papers instead of dropping hints on Real Goboza.

…Not capping. This fight is actually happening. September. The question is … sun arena or soccer city?

..Y’all think I’m joking. The right is set for September. That’s why he’s been talking about “boxing” in his interviews. Baiting me. Trust me. September. AKA vs Pony Boy. 10 rounds … EFC … winner takes all.

..Everything is set. We both stand to make between 5 and 8 mil each … only catch is … he’s taking his time to sign.


AKA went on to say that he has been silent and long-suffering for a long time while enduring Cassper’s digs on him. He declared that he was going to win the boxing match and mess up Cassper in front of his family.

And I been super quiet. Now is the time to sign the papers and watch me fuck him up in front of his family.

….. I have hurt him before. I will hurt him again. This time, on supersport. While my vodka ad plays between rounds.

…I’m going to shatter your face in front of your family. Sign the contract and stop talking to me through social media. (please tag this guy) NOW.

…He’s way shorter than me. His reach is a joke to compared to mine. He’s so stubby. And his mouth is so big … that’s my favourite part

I already beat him on wax. Now it’s time to break his nose.

And I been super quiet. Now is the time to sign the papers and watch me fuck him up in front of his family. https://t.co/bIv12maIa9

— AKA (@akaworldwide) March 19, 2020

AKA then went on to insult Cassper’s family just to taunt him even more as he insulted Cassper’s mother and father, calling them deadbeats for allowing him to drop out of school.  He did not end there, however.  AKA even went as far as saying that Cassper’s entire family should perform a sexual act on him.

Somebody please tell and tag Tsibip That his father is a deadbeat dad for allowing him to drop out of high school. And his mother is just as bad for allowing it. #signthecontract …. immediately.

…Fuck his mother and his father. @CassperNyovest … sign the papers.

…It’s all fun and games and laughs when he’s taunting me …. but when I come back … it’s a problem. I’ll say it again. His Ma se POES.  @casspernyovest

…His entire family can suck my dick. @casspernyovest

…I told you your ma se poes to your face and you guys just stood there. @casspernyovest @BridgeBossTLee … didn’t even defend the bitch. Hectic.

“Ma se poes”  is a  very popular derogatory slang South African term, literally meaning “your mother’s vagina” or   “your mother’s cunt.


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