AKA, DJ Zinhle Getting Back Together?

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AKA, DJ Zinhle Break up

After almost a month of speculating the break up of AKA and DJ Zinhle, it was then confirmed by AKA in a radio interview that the couple was no longer together. It seemed kind of odd especially since DJ Zinhle had been clapping back at the media over the break-up speculation saying they wish her unhappiness.

The recent comments from AKA on how ecstatic he was to meet DJ Zinhle after the separation brings confusion to an issue we had put to bed. Is this a publicity stunt they are pulling or what?

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AKA and DJ Zinhle’s relationship may be over, but they will always be part of each others’ stories and AKA recently reminisced on one of the happier days they shared.

Speaking to Helen Herimbi on her YouTube i(m)bali series, AKA took a trip down memory lane.

The rapper was talking about how he loves Botswana because that was the place he first got to have a real conversation with Zinhle. This after the DJ had slid into his Twitter DMs.

“We got booked for this gig and I was so excited that she was booked for that gig coz’ I was like ‘Ohhh Yes!’. And you know … she didn’t let me hit it on the first date though […] But I got her eventually [LOL],” AKA said.

The rapper went on to credit Zinhle’s presence in his life as having influenced his Levels album, which is regarded as one of his best works.

The pair broke up for the second time late last year but didn’t confirm anything until after weeks of speculation when AKA confirmed that he and Zinhle had indeed split in an interview on Metro FM.

“It’s been a crazy start to the year, I had to go away. I went on holiday. I was just speaking off-air that I went on a very cold holiday. As people might have noticed it’s my first holiday being a single man for many, many years,” he said.

Since then, DJ Zinhle has gone back to keeping her private life private and just releasing news of her slaying work ethic. Sis is a headline act at the upcoming Ultra SA and business is booming in this love month. AKA, on the other hand, has left the social media streets dizzy with a snap of a mysterious woman, believed by some to be his girlfriend. Plus he continues to live his best life.

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