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AKA claps back at Sizwe Dhlomo for his comments on the sale alcohol

#AKAVsSizwe, AKA Vs Sizwe

It feels like Groundhog Day, because AKA might have resumed his beef with Sizwe Dhlomo.

The award-winning rapper has hit back at Sizwe Dhlomo after the radio personality’s comments on alcohol being sold didn’t sit well with him.

This comes after Sizwe told transport minister Fikile Mbalula that the sale of alcohol was not helping flatten the curve following news that South Africa had reached the 100 000 mark of positive Covid-19 cases.

Reacting to news, Sizwe said that South Africa has lost the fight against the virus.

“We’ve lost the fight against COVID unfortunately”, tweeted the media personality.

The tweet caught the attention of the transport minister who asked, “How have we lost the fight?”

Sizwe said that the numbers were out of control. “The numbers are out of control Minister & people are doing as they please. Our healthcare system will still get overwhelmed at this rate, which is what we were trying to avoid. Just look at that graph”, he said in response.

Sizwe then went on to ask that the sale of alcohol to banned.

“Take away the booze guys. Please. It’s not helping”, he said to Fikile.

AKA, who is an ambassador for Cruz Vodka, decided to get involved and hit back at Sizwe saying, “Chief … it’s bad as is without being able to do any shows. I also have a family to feed ya understand”.

It’s the first time that two have interacted on Twitter since AKA was forced to apologise to Sizwe and the Dhlomo family, for insinuating that Dhlomo patriarch, Isaac, had been an apartheid spy.