AKA Better Artist Than Cassper?

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It may be hard to believe, but rappers Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and Refiloe “Cassper” Phoolo were once so close that they even sat down together for Sunday lunches at AKA’s house.

This was almost a decade ago when Cassper started to make a name for himself in the industry and AKA was willing to lend a helping hand. These days, however, the two are sworn enemies and regularly take jabs at each other through their music and on social media.

AKA vs Cassper: Neverending beef

In an interview with Helen Hirimbi for her YouTube channel, iMbali, AKA told the audience about how their beef started and why they probably won’t figure out their issues.

He also delivered a verbal blow to his arch-rival, insisting that Cassper knows he is a better artist than he is.

According to the Reebok ambassador, he told Motswako rapper Khuli Chana about Cassper and advised him to listen to his music.

‘He even came to my crib’

On how he actually discovered Cassper’s music, AKA says YFM was the platform that introduced him to the Mahikeng-born rapper’s talent.

“YFM used to have this thing called the Hot 99 and every morning when it used to come on, I would think what number am I today? So I heard his music on there and on Hype [magazine]. Just like Biggie and Pac we were friends. He even came to my crib. I even made Sunday lunch for the dude,” said AKA.

Their successful careers have resulted in fans pitting them up against each other, with Twitter users tagging them on quotes and discussions where their music is compared.

eud takes nasty turn

Their fall-out has gotten nasty with AKA reportedly confronting Cassper at a Johannesburg night club resulting in a physical altercation in 2015. Ultimately, their music has done most of the talking  with AKA releasing Composure in which he raps;

Tried to be civil until I saw your Twitter page.

But I was out in Europe doing bigger things.

See when it rains it pours.

Understand with me when it’s war, it’s war.

‘Watermelon emoji and vodka’ Twitter showdown

Cassper’s response was a furious diss track, titled Dust to Dustwhich took shots as AKA’s relationship troubles and made claims about his supposedly dwindling bank balance. While the two are far from reconciling, their last public showdown was on Twitter over a watermelon emoji and vodka.

AKA reasons that their passion for hip-hop culture and ambition to be the best means they won’t be sharing a mic or meals again anytime soon.

“The problem is that me and him are the exact same person. There’s no room for both of us. It’s either one or the other…one must die,” AKA says at one point.

He goes on to explain that the competition between them led to tension with both their friends exchanging titbits about what the other said.

“Thank God we had the beef, because it really blew us up. Now there’s definitely a genuine dislike for each other and mutual respect at the same time. But he definitely knows that I’m the better artist,” AKA concluded.

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