African hairstyles that are great for Covid-19 lockdown season

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As more countries enforce lockdowns in a bid to defeat Covid-19, and businesses get closed, even your favourite hair salon or barber’s shop won’t be left out.

And we don’t know how long this will last for, so you might start to wonder, what’s going to happen to my hair when all this is over? So we’ve put together some African hairstyles you can rock during the Covid-19 lockdown season.

They are quick, easy, best of all, long-lasting. Read on and be inspired.

10 Long-lasting African Hairstyles for COVID-19 Season

Bantu knots

This is portions of your hair gathered together and wound around to form unique knots. The Bantu knots look good on everyone, whether young or old and they are trendy, even though they have been around for centuries. You could make this style for yourself and twin with your daughter if that’s a thing you’d like. Best of all, this style will stay on your head for up to a month. The trick is to tack the knots in place with some thread and a needle. Here’s how to make perfect Bantu knots.



No hairstyle is more natural, lasting or versatile than dreadlocks. You literally forget that your hair needs styling because all you need to do is wash, and go. A lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to decide to lock your hair. And for as long as you live, you have hair made. And if you change your mind after the whole lockdown season is over, then you can take it out. You may need a loctitian for this one, so make sure to take every precaution: handwashing and sanitizing, mask-wearing for safety. Maybe you could book a session at home for your safety. Or scout YouTube for some DIY loc tutorials.

Wild N Free

We know this sounds like the title of a high school movie, but it’s actually the name of a hairstyle. In this lockdown season, what we need more than ever are wash-and-go hairstyles. And that’s exactly what this is. No combing, no styling, just your wild and free hair in all its glory.

All-back cornrows

This hairstyle is popular, especially among women who wear wigs. It can last a long time, and if you particularly need to dress up, maybe for a Google call with colleagues, all you need is a wig. This hairstyle is also great because it needs very minimal maintenance. It’s also great for kids and adults alike.


If you’re someone who gets easily bored with hairstyles, wigs are your best friend. These days, there are Ghana weave wigs, braided wigs and other types of wigs. They now make them in a variety of African hairstyles. Stocking up some of your favourite designs means you’ll never have to worry about your hair the entire lockdown time.


If you’re working from home or exceptionally busy during the lockdown; probably because you are an essential worker, you could consider a nice and trendy haircut. haircuts need little to no maintenance or styling. And they look great! Get inspiration from these lowcut hairstyles for the natural woman.

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