Stuck Adulterous Couple & a snake in bed [Video]

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Just when you think you have seen it all, the bar seems to keep being raised by these bizarre stories. This one may promote fidelity in marriages as there is actually footage to prove such things can happen.

A man Chimtale Chibamba who has a habit of sleeping with married women as sources revealed that he was a “nonsense”. Some suspected Chibamba to have been using juju to entice married women to sleep with him as none could resist his charm.

This, however, took a turn and Chibamba’s fortunes changed as he used his charms on the wrong woman whose name is yet to be revealed. As he did his normal routine he had the nerve to bed her in her bed of matrimony and didn’t have the decency to book a lodge or something.

The couple found themself stuck in the act and a mysterious snake also appeared on the bed to guard so no one could separate them before the husband came home. Watch the video below:


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