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Acie Lumumba Resurfaces, Shows Off Brand New Mercedes Benz


Many people in Zimbabwe are still asking themselves where their favorite socialite has been hiding, some had even suggested that the politician left the country after he went silent. Born William Gerald Mutumanje, affectionately known as Acie Lumumba, is back with a bang in the spotlight if his recent video of him showing off his brand new Mercedes Benz is anything to go by.

According to a 40 seconds video clip which seems to have been recorded in the streets of Harare, the young politician is seen enjoying the value of his money as he rolls in his recently acquired black whip.

‘Don’t ever play yourself,don’t ever play yourself,2020 babe, show me yours”, he said as his companion was recording the act of which he eventually disappears into the thin air.

The socialite who is not new to controversy made headlines when he hosted the once-popular show,#TFL with Acie Lumumba, in which he was taking some of the Zimbabwean celebrities for a drive as he interviewed them. Among the local public figures who benefitted from the program were Tyra Chikocho, a Zimbabwean comedienne fondly known as Madam Boss by her devotees, musician Ammara Brown, Kikky Badass, Lorraine Guyo, Jah Prayzer, Gemma Griffiths, businessman Genius Kadungure and many more.

Could this be his comeback? This is probably the question on everyone’s lips as his adherents miss his social media presence. However, only time will tell if the controversial politician has more to offer those who follow him.

Below is the video clip of Acie Lumumba showing off his brand new black Mercedes Benz :