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“Abamadega no tusembe” Chanda naKay to Split


They say nothing lasts forever, could it be the same for our beloved musical duo “Chanda naKay”. It seems as though group splits are inevitable in the music industry, however what artists fail to realize is that the grass isn’t always greener after the split. At least that’s what we have learned from the past. P Square once a formidable force in the music industry fizzled to nothingness after they split as a result of egos colliding.

2020 buzzing duo, Chanda Na Kay had promised not to release songs as solo artistes. In the early hours of sunday however, Chanda has dropped a song alone though shouting out Kay. It is not clear as to what triggered this move, could it be just egos colliding or maybe they just experimenting to see if splitting is more profitable. Rumours have been circulating of the duo splitting and releasing singles will not help at all.

Listen to Chanda‘s song Efyo Naba below: