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A Taste Of Zimbabwean Sauce [PICS]

Zim Celebs

We could not agree more with Ludacris when he said the finest women reside in Africa. Africa is just home to women who look like goddesses, today we are focusing on the Zimbabwean Sauce. Who are the finest and h0ttest socialites in Zimbabwe?

Well let’s dive into it, here is just a glimpse of Zim sauce in no order…Just a few who grabbed our attention.

1.Mimi Moana

Meet Mimi Moana the hot fitness bunny who is fast gaining a huge following on social media for serving body goals that would put most to shame. Moana courted our attention, at Ginimbi’s Club Dream. Mimi is not for weak men she has crazy workout routines and a body that will kill somebody.

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2. Paloma

Paloma Leaux has never been shy of the spotlight, this bombshell started out as a blogger and catapulted herself into a renowned entrepreneur respected from the United Kingdom to Africa. This socialite started an online boutique and moved to  Branding and PR Consultancy where she also dominated. If her lifestyle is a show of how successful her businesses are going then this African goddess is making a killing.

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3. Pokello

Judging by her daily clothing ensembles, she is a fashionable and trendy lady. Pokello Nare is a gorgeous Zimbabwean woman who has been under public scrutiny for a while now. The outspoken lady has always managed to emerge stronger after each wave of controversy hits her. Her resilience is astounding! Away from all the controversies, she has managed to build her brand and to become one of the most influential women in Zimbabwe.

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4. Jackie Ngarande

Jackie Ngarande is quite a popular face and name in Zimbabwean circles. Whilst she might have from time to time been plagued with rumors, she’s managed to rise above them. Who else in Zimbabwe can say that they get paid for being famous, only? Her backstory is the rags to riches story. She is not only a pretty face but she has a big heart. She wears high-end fashion and lives a luxurious life. She has a tonne of famous friends and has an all-access entry to a lot of events across the continent.

5. Misred

Definitely one of the curviest women from Zim, MisRed is a popular radio personality who is a co-host ZiFM Stereo Drive Time Show. From an abusive marriage, now a digital entrepreneur and TV personality this African Queen has come a long way. MisRed’s real name is Samantha Musa. MisRed has got a popular social media following with more than 124 000 followers.


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