A Taste of Zambian Sauce

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Zambia hottest socialites

Zambia is a gifted nation, it is only right that every now and then we celebrate our finest sauce or Zambia’s finest socialites. I know you already know what I am talking about. The finest women reside in Zed. Let us take a look at the finest women in Zambia some are not yet famous but we found to be quite impressive. Now let us dive right in.

Enele Sakala

This socialite is more of a newcomer but she made noise late last year when she was dubbed the next Iris Kaingu. Young beautiful and talented, Enele got the kind of body that gon hurt somebody. We know big things are ahead for this one and we got our eyes on her.

Rabecca Kabaso

Rabecca Kabaso is one of our favourites. Blessed with a body like a stallion and beauty of a goddess, you got to love her. This socialite has a lot on her hands, she is reigning Miss Zambia Africa and an entrepreneur. She is working on her own make-up line and also engages herself in some charity work aimed and children. ALSO READ: Interview with Rebecca Kabaso

Gladys Kayumba

There is no Zambian Sauce without Gladys Kayumba, this Queen has been there for a while and we still can’t get enough of her. You may realise from the tv-shows and also music videos, more specifically she was in 2 music videos for Kaladoshas.

Iris Kaingu

This has to be the finest socialite in Zed and also controversial. Every tabloid seems to want to know her whereabouts and a premium socialite event has to have her on the guest list. Iris Kaingu is not going anywhere anytime soon. She remains the Queen. ALSO READ: The rise of Iris

Sarah Chibwe

Former model, businesswomen, fitness bunny and IG influencer, it is impossible for ouSarah Chibwer radar to miss the beautiful  also know as Xarah57. Sarah keeps soaring higher and yes this woman is part of the cream de la cream of Zed. ALSO READ: Who is Xarah Chibwe?

Bombshell Grenade

She is our music superstar, arguably one of the best rappers in Zambia. She is accompanied by insanely gorgeous looks and the body of a stallion. It is hard not to crush on this one.

Alice Rowland Musukwa

We couldn’t leave out the Queen of glam herself, Alice Rowland Musukwa This beauty Queen is never free of the controversy, she is always viral on social media platforms for some of her radical videos where she will be dishing the bitter truth to her fans on various issues. ALSO READ: Getting Personal with Alice

In Other News…Birds Of A Feather: Mercy Mukwiza and Sarah Chibwe

Sarah Chibwe and Mercy mukwiza

Whoever said birds of a feather flock together and great minds think alike must definitely have been talking about these bombshells. We are talking about the Gorgeous Mercy Mukwiza and the Beautiful Sarah Chibwe.

Both former models and now businesswomen… Continue Reading

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