“A Shocking and Heartbreaking Act: 19-Year-Old Assaults Vulnerable 84-Year-Old Woman with Mental Disorder”

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“A Shocking and Appalling Incident Unfolds in Chingola: 84-Year-Old Woman Victimized by 19-Year-Old Intruder”

In a deeply disturbing turn of events in Chingola, a 19-year-old man committed a horrifying act against an 84-year-old woman. The victim, who suffers from a mental disorder, was subjected to a deplorable violation while she peacefully slept in her modest one-room dwelling.

According to the authorities, the suspect forcibly entered the elderly woman’s residence while she was in slumber and proceeded to commit this heinous act. The incident occurred between Monday, starting at 8:00 PM, and Tuesday, concluding at approximately 6:00 AM, as reported by Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba.

The victim, owing to her mental condition and advanced age, remained unable to cry out for help, bearing the physical and emotional torment silently. It wasn’t until the following morning that she mustered the courage to disclose the traumatic event to her granddaughter.

Mr. Mweemba revealed the grim details, stating, “We received a report of defilement of an Imbecile where a woman aged 84 was defiled by a male person she can identify. The suspect caused pain on the victim’s stomach, legs, and on her private parts. The victim could not shout for help because of her mental status and old age. She informed her granddaughter of what had happened to her the following morning when she woke up.”

Community members, upon learning of this distressing incident, came together and apprehended the suspect, ensuring swift action to bring him to justice. The suspect was subsequently taken to the Muchinshi police post, where the matter was officially reported.

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