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A Second Baby for DJ Zinhle…With Who???

Dj Zinhle

After DJ Zinhle’s Break-Up, we have not yet heard of her dating again. It was a bit puzzling for some of the fans when the DJ did a poll on whether to get pregnant or not to? Was She joking? Is possibly dating now or she’s contemplating getting back with AKA.

Whether DJ Zinhle was serious or just joking around with her fans to kill time, they have spoken and the verdict is in: they want Kairo to have a sibling!

Fans are wondering if the DJ has been hit with that baby fever or not, as the lockdown has put a pause on a big aspect of people’s lives and gave others some time to think and engage in other things.

Taking to Instagram, Zinhle created a poll asking fans whether now is great time to make baby number two or not. 69% of her fans are in support of Kairo having a baby brother or sister, whilst 31% think it is a bad idea, considering the difficulties we are faced with currently.

It is no secret that the mother is keen on having more children and she has expressed how she wished things were different and that she had birthed her first child sooner.

Is she looking to act on her baby fever?

Screenshot of DJ Zinhle’s poll results.

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