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A Sad Emtee and Ambitiouz Entertainment Story #AmbitiouzMustFall

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The story of record labels exploiting gifted artists and putting chains on them so they don’t progress is as old as 2 Pac and biggie days. It is both angering and saddening to just think of the Emtee and Ambitiouz Entertainment story.

What we used to watch and read about whilst despising was how Deathrow manipulated 2 Pac, how TLC collected all those awards and had no penny to their name, How Birdman robbed Lil’ Wayne, and put his career on hold for several years because he wanted out.

You would think, things would be different in our music industry, and yet labels like Ambitiouz Entertainment were taking notes from Deathrow and Cashmoney on how to take advantage of artists.

We can only hope that upcoming artists will be smart enough to not fall prey of draconic record label contracts like Emtee did. To think that Emtee doesn’t even have all those awards he won, as the former record label holds them and he did not get any remuneration or royalties for his best work is just heartbreaking.

Today, Emtee has urged fans to stop listening to his platinum-selling album ‘Avery’ because he has not received any royalties from it.

Emtee and former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment are still at loggerheads over Emtee’s exit from the disgraced label.

The rapper will not stop till the label has paid its dues and given him what’s rightfully his.

Ambitiouz recently lost another megastar from it’s stable, Sjava after months of speculations that he is planning on exiting the label.

Emtee responded to a fan who praised his album, which was released in 2015, and said it is iconic and bashed the label for their mistreatment. He said he has not received any payment or royalties from it five years later, therefore fans should stop listening to it.

Emtee’s beef with Ambitiouz is proving to affect his work as a rapper. He was recently asked if he and producer Tweezy could ever work together.

He responded by saying he would not work with him because he is affiliated with his former label, however he is a fan of his work.

“I love Tweezy but he’s working for the opps now so,” he commented. The opps being Ambitiouz and Cassper.

Emtee has long since been aggrieved by Ambitiouz Entertainment and has demanded his awards back to no avail yet, Read below:

Emtee Wants His Awards From Ambitiouz Entertainment #AmbitiouzMustFall

Emtee and ex record label Ambitiouz Entertainment have some unfinished business.

The rapper alleges that the recording label company still owes him his awards he earned throughout his career whilst signed under the label. The rapper has been vocal about the label holding on to his awards and till today, he is still not in possession of them.

The rapper took to Twitter to call the label out and asked them to stop being petty and give him what’s due to him. He even asked them to keep the ‘whips’ and give him his awards that the record label is keeping from him.

The two have been at loggerheads ever since Emtee departed from the label after years of being unhappy.

The Waves rapper also alleged that the label is the reason for him losing his verification on Twitter and spread rumours that he is a druggie. His awards are ‘decorating’ their homes and offices whilst his home is empty as if he did not earn those accolades.

“They decorate their homes and their offices, whilst my house is dry like I was never Emtee. Ngapha somehow I’m no longer verified and abahlali are told that I’m a druggy. No sir, just want what’s mine!” he demanded.

Ever since he re-addressed the issue of his awards, the rappers’ fans started a hashtag calling for the label to finally be dissolved. #AmbitiouzMustFall is currently gaining momentum on Twitter and people are up in arms, adamant to ‘finally’ put the label in its place.

When requesting did not work out Emtee tried a different route, the legal route:

Emtee Takes Ambitiouz To Court

The battle between Ambitiouz Entertainment and rapper Emtee is far from over and it’s gotten so serious that the matter is now in front of the courts.

Emtee has been taking his former label to task on social media over not having awards he won at the stable in his possession and according to a new report Emtee has done more than vent on the timeline.

According to a report by Sunday World, Emtee and the label are in court over his royalties and personal achievements from the stable.

The publication reports that Emtee is demanding that Ambitiouz release his royalties all the way from his debut album Avery, released in 2015.

Last year, the Mandado hitmaker left the label after being unhappy at the label for some time.

The rapper confirmed to Sunday World that indeed he and the Kgosithebe Mahumapelo owned label are involved in a court battle.

“Ubani okutshele lento? (Who told you this info). Yes, there is a court case going on, but please speak to my lawyers. They will be able to tell you everything relating to it,” the rapper told the publication.

Insiders speaking to Sunday World allege that the rapper is looking to have the record label, which released Emtee’s three albums, release documents that will show exactly how much the rapper made whilst signed to them.

“Emtee is angry at the fact that he never received a cent from his first album except for being paid a monthly salary as an employee at Ambitiouz.”

Ambitiouz did not give a comment to the publication on the matter but after calls for the record label to fall on social media decided to clap back at tweeps saying that they should return Emtee’s awards.



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The rapper has already blessed his fans with two new singles Wave and Brand New Day which are on high rotation.

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