Mzansi trolls Reason for his collaboration with BoityMzansi trolls Reason for his collaboration with Boity

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Reason, Boity

Social media users did not mince their words when they reacted to a collaboration between rappers Boity and Reason. 

This comes after Reason posted a snippet of the upcoming single on Twitter. 

Clearly excited about the collabo, Reason tweeted,

“Boity gave me a hit”. 

After he posted the snippet, Twitter trolls came out in their numbers and dragged the musician. 

Many felt that Boity, who has been proving herself as a rapper by releasing one hit after the next, was giving Reason an opportunity to prove himself. 

One tweep went as far as to say that Reason was just an upcoming artist and that Boity should be thanked for opening up the industry even though Reason has been in the music business for more than a decade. 

The trolling continued as another tweep referred to Reason as a “struggling” rapper. 

Reason did respond to one Twitter user who said that he “never thought a whole Reason would one day say he got hit from Boity”. 

“Times are changing fam! Get used to the idea of collaboration. I got one from @Boity, another from @MrCas

htime and another from @Moonsanelly !!! Shit!!! Even @only1makwa gave me a smash. On top of th



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