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7 savage answers Ambitiouz Ent slapped tweeps with during Q&A

Ambitiouz Ent Q & A

Ambitiouz Entertainment hosted a Twitter Q&A session in which they gave some of the most savage answers tweeps have ever seen from a record label.

The Q&A was a bold move considering the reputation they have on the social media streets. Ambitiouz has been at loggerheads with a few of their former artists, including Fifi Cooper, A-Reece, Amanda Black and recently Emtee.

Of course Twitter held nothing back when asking about allegations that have been levelled against them, including the alleged exploitation of their artists.

Ambitiouz denied ever exploiting anyone. They straight up said they built all their artists from the ground.

“Which artists did we exploit, sir?” the company asked a tweep who asked why they insisted on exploiting their artists.

When asked what one must expect when running a record label, Ambitiouz gave their most brutal answer yet!

“Be prepared for ‘Please sign me, I’m desperate,’ to change to ‘Vele, vele it was only me and my fans that got me here,’ – this after you’ve spent fortunes in developing an unknown artist and making them a star,” they said.

Tweeps couldn’t help but notice that the Ambitiouz Entertainment Twitter page admin seemed to have taken a page out of Nando’s book of cutting yet witty Twitter clapbacks – except the label’s savagery didn’t go as smoothly as the fast-food outlet’s usually does.

The Q&A won them some fans but left a sour taste in the mouths of others, who were put off by their cockiness.

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