“57 Opposition MPs Seek Speaker’s Impeachment for Alleged Gross Misconduct and Constitutional Violations”

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Fifty-Seven MPs Seek Impeachment of Speaker for Alleged Misconduct and Constitutional Violations

Fifty-seven members of the opposition Patriotic Front and some independent Members of Parliament have taken a significant step by submitting a formal request to National Assembly Speaker Nelly Mutti. In their request, they seek to initiate a motion for her impeachment on the grounds of alleged gross misconduct and constitutional violations.

The MPs have announced their intention to present the impeachment motion next week, scheduled for Wednesday. This motion is being led by Binwell Mpundu and seconded by Mutotwe Kafwaya, who are invoking Article 83 of the Constitution in conjunction with Order 82 of the standing orders.

In their letter to the Speaker, they state, “Take notice that we, the undersigned Members of Parliament, respectfully petition for the impeachment of the Speaker of the National Assembly for gross misconduct and violation of the constitution.”

The core argument put forward by the MPs is that, on November 1 of this year, during parliamentary proceedings, the Speaker allegedly infringed upon the freedom of expression of Kanfinsa Member of Parliament, Christopher Kang’ombe, which they perceive as a grave act of misconduct.

Furthermore, they claim that on the same day, she violated Article 74(2) of the Constitution by recognizing Robert Chabinga as the leader of the opposition based on a letter from Morgan Ngona. This was done despite correspondence from the Patriotic Front party confirming there was no change in leadership under Brian Mundubile and with knowledge that the registrar of societies had not recorded any change.

The MPs also accuse the Speaker of failing to declare the Matero seat vacant, despite being aware that the incumbent had been expelled from the Patriotic Front party. This omission, they argue, is a violation of Article 72(2)(e) of the Constitution.

In their argument, they highlight alleged double standards, stating that while the Speaker changed the leader of the opposition under Article 74(2), she refused to expel Mr. Sampa, which they contend is in contravention of Article 72(2)(e) of the Constitution.

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