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50 Cent Gives Away Over 30k in Cash To Queens Burger King Employees

50 Cent gives out Cash

50 Cent was feeling extra generous yesterday when he pulled up at a Burger King joint.

50 Cent could also be the king of pettiness, but that doesn’t mean he can’t even be the king of generosity. The media mogul teamed up with Instagram influencer Jay Mazini earlier in the week to bless several Burger King employees and customers at the fast-food restaurant in Queens, New York. Putting the drive-through on hold for a reason everyone was surely okay with, Fifty and Mazini approached the window and asked to ascertain every employee working that day. Once everyone showed up, Fif began handing out stacks of cash to every employee as all of them attempted to deal with being star-struck and gifted an outsized sum of money at an equivalent time.

Mazini was the primary to point out up at the window and speak with the workers , most of whom didn’t seem to know what was happening as he asked, “How’s life treating you, how is everything with COVID? They paying right?”
Of course, once 50 Cent showed up behind him, the workers all proceeded to lose their minds excitedly . After ensuring each employee was gifted some cash, Jay and Fifty made their way through the drive-through line and handed out extra money to everyone waiting in their cars, including one woman who immediately began crying tears of gratitude when she was surprised with the cash.

Jay and 50 Cent both posted videos of the instant to their social media accounts, with Fif captioning his post, “Jay Manzini is that the real deal, he saw me within the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love.” Manzini is understood for startling unsuspecting New Yorkers with random gifts of money , even teaming up with Fabolous earlier this month for an identical stunt at an area Checkers. While the videos are clearly meant to travel viral and gain some good publicity for the celebrities involved, it’s always nice to ascertain hard-working and underpaid individuals be surprised with a wad of money .