Mistakes every young couple is making

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Ever close and together you and I were meant to be, hand in hand, heart to heart never apart eternally. True love can be such a dream come true, don’t get wasted love is a beautiful thing but in our society, there are more divorces and separations than ‘happy’ relationships. The concept of marriage is already losing its meaning as the younger generation is growing more comfortable in living in unpleasant relationships. Partners often break-up; the one who is less sensitive does not mind getting into another relationship whereas the other half is left broken. That’s why we often say; it appears as if half of the world’s population is heartbroken. This chain of breaking up with your partners continues until you learn your lessons. And we’re here to share of the most crucial ones.

Expecting your partner to change according to your needs

One of the silliest mistakes we make while in a relationship is to expect our partner to change according to our needs. Yes, change is constant, but it will come with time. Accept your partner the way they are.

Not respecting differences

No two people in the world will have the same opinion about the same thing. You do not need to disrespect each other’s opinion but love each other’s imperfection.

Allowing third person interference

One of the biggest and most common mistakes couples make is allowing the third person interference between them. When it’s not you who is running the relationship, then how can it go in the direction you want it to go?

Holding on to your grudges



Piling up the issues and disagreements in your heart is only going to worsen the relationship. It’s like punishing your inner-self for no good reason. Let it go, sort it out, do not carry the unnecessary baggage in your heart.

Arguing to win, not to clear the misunderstandings

A lot of times when couples get into an argument, they forget the basics. The basic of any discussion is to solve the misunderstandings, not to prove that you’re right.

Not accepting your fault

Another common mistake that couples repeatedly commit is not to accept their fault. Relationships never die a natural death, a lot of times they are murdered by our ego. If you love your ego more than your partner, you’ll only end up with ego and not your partner.

Lack of communication

Communication is an ingredient as essential as salt in a dish. You mismatch it a little, and the whole meal (relationship) is going to suffer.

Not being able to take out time for each other

If you’re in a relationship, then take it as a responsibility. Everything you do or not do affects the mood of the other person. Water your relationship from time to time if you want to see it bloom.

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