5 important tips for an unforgettable wedding reception

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Wedding Reception tips

Some have dreamt and visioned their weddings since they were little boys and girls, this is the day that happens once and everyone wants its to be perfect. To plan a successful wedding reception is a difficult task, it requires a lot of meticulousness. Wedding planners make their entire careers out of planning wedding receptions. This once-in-a-lifetime party needs to be something special and you’ll want your guests to remember it for all the right reasons.

We’ve put together some useful tips that would help make your wedding reception successful.

1. Get the right location for the venue

When planning your wedding, you have to get the location right. The venue of the reception hall has to be close to a major road, must have a good parking space, and also a good ventilation system. If the location is far from the church or the bride’s home, you won’t be seeing very excited guests. Parking space should also be considered. You have to get an event hall that can take your estimated number of guests.

2. Don’t plan too many events during the reception

Most wedding receptions have traditional events that must take place, the entrance, first dance, parent dance, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and exit. Do not add too many other events that will wear out your guests.

3. Get an entertaining MC

Before you get your Master of Ceremony (MC), ensure his/her style matches your taste. An MC that can distract people away from their food is doing a fantastic job. Do your research on the MC you want to hire. If you hire a boring one, you might lose your guests to other distracting activities like food and pictures. Your MC has to fit the style and concept of your wedding.

4. Focus on food and drinks

Your guests will not forget the taste of the foods served at your wedding in a long time. No one wants to be hungry or thirsty during the day so structure your menu so there are lots to look forward to. It’s also worth keeping in mind that guests are likely to be feeling peckish after your ceremony, particularly if they’ve been travelling and missed lunch. Ensure the taste of the foods is top-notch and there are varieties they can pick from.

5. Entertain your guest with good music

No one wants to attend a boring wedding because it’s an opportunity to unwind. Knowing the right song to play at the right time is the job of the band or DJ. You should conduct good research on the band or DJ before you hire. Their style should also match the style and tone of your wedding. You don’t want people leaving in the middle of the reception, do you?

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