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5 creative ways to get your small business noticed

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You just started a small business and you are looking for a way to attract new customers? Don’t stress, there are many ways to showcase your brand to the public.

Here are five creative tips you can try out to get your small business noticed.

1. Be different from the rest

If everyone is facing a particular direction, you can decide to face a totally different direction.

Never copy your competitor’s strategy because it might not work for you. That’s a great mistake you should avoid.

Create a different strategy to promote your small business. An example is during any festive period, things are always expensive. Instead of selling at an expensive rate, you can give an affordable price deal to buyers. Take it as doing a black Friday for every festive period.

2. Use the power of social media

You shouldn’t just go online and begin opening new social media accounts for each platform.

Find out which social media platform is good for your business and maximize the potential of such social media.

Don’t just go online to post pictures and put a caption, it is very likely your business never attract new clients. Engage your social media in meaningful conversations which would draw their attention to your business brand.

You can also use the online ad platform of social media apps to boost grow your online presence which also showcases your brand to a vast number of social media users.

3. Open a blog or vlog

As long as you have a small business, it is perceived you have great knowledge of such business.

So you can open a blog or a vlog. Depending on what suits you. Create online content for online users and share tips on by using a blog or vlog.

You can put up a tutorial and advice videos online. Use video channels like youtube and picture and video social application, Instagram and share your expertise on such video platforms.

Don’t share all your tips and secrets but share basic stuff that online users can relate with. Show people how to do basic stuff.

Your business could get noticed by just opening a blog or vlog and having great online content.

4. Create a challenge

We all know people like freebies. So why not create an online challenge every now and then to engage your followers. If it isn’t going to be an online challenge, you can do it off the internet.

This is a good way to draw customers and clients to your brand.

Find out what your potential customers would be interested in and use it to create a challenge. Of course, attach a price to your challenge.

5. Network

Attend events and conference that have to do with your business.

Meet potential clients and customers and establish good ties with them, then you can sell your business to them.

If they buy into your business, they can pay for your goods and services and also refer you to more possible clients.

The thing about creative ways of getting your business noticed is that you spend little or nothing to get your business noticed.


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